6th Annual Circle Dance Facilitators’ Gathering

April 21 – 23, 2017

Neskaya Movement Arts Center

1643 Profile Rd.

Franconia, NH


This weekend gathering at Neskaya is designed to  support both aspiring new circle dance teachers as well as experienced teachers. The developing topic this year is how to use circle dance around a specific theme and to integrate dances in community building, therapeutic, educational and social activist settings. We will be sharing our experiences using circle dance in these instances through presentation, discussion and dance.



Gathering will begin Friday with dinner at 6 pm and end with lunch on Sunday. Those who wish may stay and join Neskaya’s regular Sunday Circle Dance 4:30 – 6:30 pm.


Food will be on our own. You may bring food to share in spontaneous potlucks, eat in area restaurants, and/or buy food in Franconia's grocery store just down the road from Neskaya. If you have very specific dietary needs, please bring food to fully support yourself.

Dormitory style overnight accommodations that include all bedding and towels are available upstairs for a suggested donation of $25 a night. These spaces are limited, so please reserve early. If you bring your own bedding there is always room on the dance floor for sleeping. And of course there are several area accommodations you can book if you prefer or need more privacy and/or comfort. For more info go to: http://www.neskaya.com/accommodations.html

The energy exchange for this weekend by donation to help sustain Neskaya's mission and beautiful sacred space.

Please RSVP to
movementarts@neskaya.com if you plan to come with the following information:







You may include my name and contact information on a participant list.

____ yes ____ no




____ I would like to offer a presentation about how I have used circle dance related to this year’s topic.  Please give a brief description of your presentation and approximate time needed. We ask that presentations be at least 50% dance.




____ I would like to reserve a bed upstairs at Neskaya


____ I will make other arrangements for overnight accommodations